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Endings, New Beginnings


As 2016 draws to an end I find myself reviewing the year I have just lived and making plans for the year I am about to start.  Did I accomplish everything I wanted to?  Did I tell people that I love them and care for them because tomorrow is never promised?  What have I done in the past year that will leave my mark?  As 2016 drew closer and closer to it’s end I decided I was going to chronicle a year of my life online and call it “A Day in the Life” to go along with my Instagram account, complete randomness of my day.  This is a peek into my day, my life as a middle-aged woman who battles chronic pain everyday and deals with mental health issues and who loves her heavy metal and creative writing.  Do I have anything of value to say?  Maybe to some I do while to others I don’t.  Maybe all I need to do is to let others who deal with the things I do know that they’re not alone.  This is real life, this isn’t some made for TV after-school special, this isn’t some Little House on the Prairie life.  Things are not peaches and cream and the grass might look greener on the other side but once you get to the other side you realize that it was just the lighting from your point of view.

So I don’t have a lot of plans for this blog.  This is just me, a middle-aged Oma who is finding something to do with her time and maybe my blabbering will make some kind of impact on someone.



Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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