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Do you really look at yourself when gazing in the mirror? What do you see when your reflection is staring back at you? Do you truly like what you see? 

I’m starting to notice more lines around my eyes. My face is starting to show that I’m not as young as my mind thinks it is. But it’s my eyes that keep my attention. They don’t glisten with the youthful naivety that I  once looked at the world with believing that the adult world was sunshine and roses. Now they look at the world with a jaded view, twenty plus years of heartaches and disappointments, broken promises and wounded pride. Yet I still see hope in the eyes that stare back at me. For in those eyes are still the hopes and dreams of that youth I once was. In those eyes are the experiences I’ve lived through and the lessons that they taught. It is those lessons that I pass on to others in hopes that they change what I, what we, could not. 



Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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