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Getting Back on Track

I’ve been slightly under the weather lately and have not given much thought to writing any entries on any of my blogs.  This is the part of getting a routine I hate.  Once I’m dedicated to the routine it’s not a problem to keep up with it but if I get thrown off my schedule it’s hard as hell to get back into the swing of things.  I had a routine for when I worked and now that I am unable to work I find it harder to keep to the routine.  And all the psychs I ever saw always told me that I needed to have a routine to deal with my bipolar and ADHD.  My easiest routine is getting up, starting coffee, practicing my German and turning on the game system to either listen to music via YouTube or play one of the games.  I still have to make a shopping list for this week and I have yet to look at any of this week’s ads.  I still have to finish a chapter of my fanfic to and I still have a chapter to upload to my fanfic.  And I haven’t done any of my tarot readings in about a week.  Not doing good with my New Year’s Resolutions….  feeling really down on myself.




Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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