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Being There

I had big plans for Saturday. After spending Friday in bed and ignoring the world, I had planned on doing laundry, rearranging the bedroom and get some cleaning done. But I guess other things were meant to be. My husband is the top supervisor of his company’s Denver location and runs things here. They deliver Amazon to post offices among some other things, but a lot of what it is is connected to being a vendor that deals with them. This morning one of the drivers hit an elk as he drove up to Northern Colorado and his truck was disabled due to the accident. Thus began our unexpected road trip. 

It started decent enough. Traffic was flowing just fine at 8ish in the morning. I played dj (as my husband says), plugging my phone into the stereo and playing my playlist, was taking pictures along the way, trying to keep the husband in a good mood despite not having any luck on getting another truck out to the accident to finish the route, not even anyone from any of the other vendors helped out. Then we hit traffic and ended up dealing with various traffic delays. 

Once we got through all of that we finally made our way to the driver. Truck was fine except for the busted transmission line, driver was fine, the elk had been put down by highway patrol and I was told a family in need took the elk home. It was beautiful up there about an hour out of Steamboat Springs, the air so crisp and cool, the sky blue and with clouds hanging in the sky.  I didn’t mind standing outside while the guys transferred the load from the damaged truck to the rented U-Haul as I looked out across the landscape. 

It was a long day; didn’t get anything done I had planned on except for moving the bed in our bedroom. But I got a lot of beautiful pictures, brainstormed some ideas with him for my Skyrim fanfic I write, and I got to go to a part of Colorado I had yet to see. While we couldn’t get some help with the delivery and the guys ended up having to spend more money on just getting the load to where it went, we had a good day. A family in need got some free meat, the tow truck driver was paid by the hour by insurance company so he wasn’t complaining on the guys having to unload it before it got towed, dinner was on the company’s dime, and I got to spend some quality time with my very busy husband.

Being there sometimes is as easy as just going along for the ride. Being there is sometimes just as simple as going the extra mile for an employee when they need the help. Being there is easiest way to show you care. 



Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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