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This is my exact post from my Facebook account. 
“Yesterday was… Wow….Just wow…. It’s all fine and dandy for you all to get upset when you see victims of domestic violence or lament the plight of the homeless but lemme ask you, if you saw a woman wandering in the snow with nowhere to go and she says she was assaulted and doesn’t know what to do what would you do? Let me tell you what…. This woman had sat in Denny’s for five fucking hours and told the wait staff what had happened. Their response? Free coffee and a warm place to sit while she figures out what to do and watch as she walks out into the snow, sitting on a curb crying in the freezing falling snow. Yeah, fuck them too. Don’t fucking act like you’re concerned and care about her but don’t lift a finger to get her fucking help! Fuck you, Denny’s wait staff! You care oh so much but you don’t want to get involved. Goddamn fucking hypocrites! Now that I’ve dealt with my own reliving of when I was kicked out into the snow with nowhere to go, reliving the assault I went through, now I’m releasing my anger at the lack of action from the oh so concerned waitresses at Denny’s who could have done one simple thing, picked up the phone and called the police saying they had a lady in the restaurant who said she had been assaulted. But instead they gave her free coffee and then watched as she walked back out into the elements. Fuck, this just pisses me off more than anyone realizes. 
And by the way, before someone asks me what did I do, that woman was brought to the hospital by myself and my husband and I even left my phone number and told the hospital I want to continue helping her. 
No I am not tooting my own horn. I am venting my anger at the inactions of people who seemed to be oh so concerned but they showed they weren’t that concerned because they didn’t want to get involved. Yeah, and let this agnostic atheist remind all of those who do nothing to help that there’s a parable in the Christian Bible about this…It’s called the Good Samaritan. Why don’t some of you Bible thumpers who talk talk talk but don’t do anything reread that parable and ask yourself, are you the priest, the Levite or the Samaritan? 
*Kicks soapbox across the room*”



Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

3 thoughts on “Inaction

  1. your right inaction is very difficult to deal with. People do not want to get involved in abuse or assault etc. But its people like you and I who have been there, done that and got the t-shirt are going to be the ones that step in. Please can I share this on my blog I feel its something that everyone should read.

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