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Dear Upstairs Neighbors

To my upstairs neighbors,

You moved in just over a month after we did.  Since then we have been subjected to your stomping around your apartment from one end to the other from early morning until past midnight.  We have been subjected to listening to your arguments and your most violent fights that shake the items on my walls and my shelving and even set my ceiling fans to shaking to where I worry that they might come loose from their supports and come crashing down either on my bed or in the other room where my dogs run and play and eat.  We have been subjected to your rudeness of blaring your hip hop music past 1:30 in the morning while you drunkenly carry on loudly both in your apartment and outside on the stairs that are right outside my living room window.  Your arguments and fights have woken us up, have set my dogs into barking fits that I can’t get them to settle down.  I have had to turn up my own tv or music to drown out your fights, your stomping, your slamming things around in your apartment.  We have asked you to please keep it down because we sleep in the afternoon since my husband is an overnight worker.  We have complained to the management and we have made numerous calls to the Denver Police Department.

Since you have moved in I have experienced high levels of anxiety due to your fights as I am a survivor of domestic violence and have had to deal with flashbacks to the assault that disabled me.  I have pleaded with the Denver Police Department dispatch that something needs to be done about this couple.  We have complained numerous times to management about this and yet they refuse to address the situation but slipped in saying that your rent is paid for by a case manager which tells me that management should be talking to case management about how they are causing a problem to other tenets, but seeing how management can’t fix anything that’s wrong with these apartments I don’t see that happening anyhow.

So, upstairs neighbors, when you see me as you’re walking by my apartment and the look on my face shows my disgust with you, that is why.  I am disgusted that you two have absolutely no respect or consideration for your neighbors.  I am disgusted that despite numerous calls to Denver Police Department on a domestic violence  that ends with them leaving only to have you two start up again within the next couple hours that Denver PD doesn’t do something else about the situation?  I am disgusted with the management of The Wesley apartments who have failed to address this situation causing mental and emotional distress upon at least one resident.





Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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