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Tidbits from Facebook

These are posts from my Facebook account today that I felt were worth sharing.



1) bullshit stories passed and given to me that are easily disproved by a simple internet search.

2) the constant complaining from friends/associates about their lives and as I told a friend earlier today, negativity begets negativity and kills positivity. (really sucks when you post something meant to encourage others and that one associate has to post something negative on it and they ALWAYS do it)

3) Unsolicited advice about my medical problems (that usually involve something I can’t do or have tried already)

4) Being told about drama going on with members of a group which draws up “us vs them” lines and being made to feel like I have to choose because I’m friends with both people (this happens way too much in the exjw community and it really sucks when all you want is just people to talk to that understand where you’re coming from)

Getting really sick of this shit.


You know, earlier today I had someone tell me that I couldn’t handle negativity. This has been that splinter just under the skin that you can’t get out for me today. I think I handled it just fine and I bit back a lot of my initial responses, like going down an entire list of negative things that had already happened at just a few hours into the day while being online here on Facebook.

I have bipolar disorder. I wear a mask every damn day to make others comfortable because nobody wants to hear the truth of how I feel coming out of my mouth. “How are you?” “I can barely move because I’m in so much pain, I slept completely fucked up, I broke down and took ibuprofen like I’m not supposed to and now my stomach is fucking revolting on me, I can’t spend five minutes OFF the damn toilet, I can’t eat anything without puking, I can barely hold down water and I’m having a massively bad day with my depression because I feel like I can no longer live a normal life as my spine crumbles to dust while other parts of my spine fuse together so I can’t even fucking move, I really wish I could go out and sit and talk to that nice old lady in the next building but because my body wants to revolt on me, I am stuck in my fucking house AGAIN with my only goddamn contact with others is through the goddamn internet.” Yeah, people don’t want to hear that so instead I say, “I’m fine. Did you hear the joke about….?” Just cause you, a follower or an associate, see me posting positive things all the time doesn’t mean that I do not deal with negative shit at all or that I can’t deal with negative shit. It means that I chose to live my life in a positive way because if I give into the negativity that surrounds my life, I might as well rocket one through my goddamn brain.

Rant over.


Earlier today my friend (name removed) posted on her wall, which I shared to mine, a challenge. Post something that you’re grateful for. Come on, we are so quick to post all the negative shit we go through or we see, can we stop and smell the roses? Can we start spreading positive things when we really want to post negative? I mean, negative shit happens all the time in our lives. But people have to stop focusing on the negative things that are happening and be grateful for what we have and how far we’ve come. When you spread positive feelings, the negative dies. #staypositive





Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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