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I set my mind to being positive.  I am actively trying to stop being so negative about things in my own personal life.  And it’s odd….  it seems like a bunch of my friends are on the same wavelength of putting positive vibes out, of replacing the negative with positivity, almost like some kind of awakening amongst us.

I had so many reasons to be negative yesterday.  My husband is the regional supervisor for the company he works for and there’s been an issue in the past month of payroll being delivered to him on time (it’s sent from out of state).  The company has been working on alleviating this problem and had even started getting things ready to set up where payroll for this region is handled here, but a certain delivery service that I will not name delivered all of the necessary equipment to the completely wrong address and as far as I know (not being an employee) it still has not been located.  The week after that screw up, the same delivery service delivered payroll to the wrong address again.  Then this past week for some reason payroll was delivered a day late but due to a problem with the bank, no one has been able to cash their paychecks.  My husband was so stressed out yesterday that his bad mood was affecting me.  But I kept my positive attitude and by the end of the day, while problems still had arisen and new problems arose with an employee, my husband was smiling and laughing with me, enjoying the moment.

I received a message from a friend during the night that I saw this morning where she told me that she wished she had my experience with people.  I had to smile at it, it reinforced the realization that people look to me for advice and I guess in some ways, a role model.  I told it that it simply took time.  But I wonder if it really does take just time to learn how to deal with people that are jealous, envious, hateful, etc of you.  I look at examples around me, and I see people older than me that act worse than a toddler throwing a temper tantrum over something superficial, something that they probably won’t even remember next week.  Why?  This is the examples we are giving the next generation while telling them to stop being so fragile.  A tad bit hypocritical I think.   Probably why I want to “combat” that with positive energy, to give positive examples for the generation below us.




Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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