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Rambling mind: Injustice

You cannot cry out against injustice and demand things change if you do nothing to show you want that change.

Boycotting was once how we forced change against injustice. No one wants to boycott because “it doesn’t do anything”.
We once marched across cities to show solidarity against injustice. Today we are ridiculed and attacked if we march.
We once held court on a soapbox in the public park, speaking to our neighbors about injustices we have seen and how things must change. Today those people are ignored or sent to jail for disturbing the peace (not to mention at times assaulted by those sworn to protect us).

We have become indifferent to injustice. We have decided to stay in our little bubbles we live in while ignoring the plight of our neighbors, assuming that if they can’t succeed or be as well of as others, then they’re lazy. Quick to judge and slow to accept the reality of the situation that envelops the entire world and even slower to move to action.

And the saddest thing of this is that we have no one to blame for this but our own selves. We put others under a microscope to judge them for how they live, but we put blinders on our own eyes when we look at our own selves



Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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